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If you are looking for a Chicago Real Estate Attorney the law office of Ranj Mohip LLC is here to help. We understand that real estate law can be confusing. Many people get themselves into unfortunate situations because they didn’t have someone helping them through the details. Use this website as a guide to find the services that you think are right for you.

Real estate attorney’s work on a number of areas in real estate law. The topics of this article cover the main areas of law that we focus on, but you can also look at the menu above to find more detailed descriptions of the services we offer.


There are many different kinds of foreclosures, and if you are facing this kind of stress it’s important to have sound legal advice. The unfortunate thing for many people facing foreclosure is that they give up before they should. They assume all is lost and the just give up. There are a number of things you can do to work through this situation, but it’s important not to wait too long. The earlier that you obtain the advice of a real estate lawyer the easier it can be to achieve a suitable outcome.

Short Sales

A short sale is a great option for many of our clients, but there are some steps to this process. Not every client can use this option, but it can be a possible solution to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure. We’re happy to help you with this area of real estate law. Don’t be afraid to call us for advice about the options you have regarding short sales. We’re here to help you move through this stressful situation.


Evictions are another piece of real estate law in Chicago that we are experienced in. There are many different categories of evictions so be sure to check out the services tab above for a full listing of the expertise we can offer. We understand how stressful the eviction process can be and we are here to lend a helping hand. Bring our experience to the table and don’t be afraid to call with any questions you might have.


Many people understand that they should have a lawyer on their side for a closing, but most people don’t understand that they should really be looking for a real estate attorney for a closing. Real estate attorneys specialize in this area of law and bring added knowledge and experience to the table. We handle a number of different kinds of closings so please look that the services tab in the menu above for more information. You’re also welcome to call with any questions you have for us.

At the law office of Ranj Mohip LLC we provide high quality service and straight forward advise. As confusing as the law can be it’s important to know that we are here to help you achieve the best possible final outcome. We can help to answer any questions that you have so please don’t hesitate to ask. If you’re in a stressful situation take a deep breath and let us do the heavy lifting for you. It’s great to see the relief we bring to our clients that are stuck in a difficult financial situation.

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